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Membership FAQ

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Membership! If you have other questions please feel free to Contact us or email us at

Q: Why should I pay for Membership?

A: Membership is the best way to support the store and our mission to create safe play spaces and provide our customers the best price that we can! In return for your support we have come up with a ton of benefits both for our local members and for our members shopping online. Check them out HERE!

Q: How much does Membership cost?

A: We have different tiers of membership with different benefits shown: HERE.The lowest level, Supporter, is $10 a month which comes with some great benefits including live customer service chat and priority order processing. Our main level that we point people toward, Member, is $50 a month and comes with most of the benefits that we have available including wholesale pricing, priority on limited products, and a store credit rebate. Our highest level, Partner, is $150 a month and comes with some premium benefits including a Free Monthly Mystery Box, Free Priority Shipping, and a Partner only Discord Channel.

Q: If I sign up when do I get charged?

A: You will be charged immediately when you sign up then every month after that on the same day of the month (or as close as possible so if you signed up on the 31st some months is would be charged on the 30th).

Q: Can I cancel any time?

A: You can cancel at any time by contacting us and you will keep your benefits until your next renewal date.

Q: Do you have any discounts for Membership?

A: We have a discount if you purchase the Membership by the year. If you sign up by the year you pay for 11 months for the full year. See the pricing for the annual membership HERE!

Q: I saw wholesale pricing as a member perk, how does that work?

A: Once you sign up you will be able to access the members only areas of our website (you can check them out in the Member Portal but you won't be ably to buy anything unless you are a member and logged in!) We have set up this program to give people access to products at as close to wholesale as possible! We add a small fee for the credit card processing fees and a couple of dollars for the labor and packing but no further markup!

Q: What is included in Clearance Sales?

A: Every week we go through our inventory and find things that we need to clearance and sell so that we can keep our inventory fresh and rotating to give our customers plenty of options! We open these sales up to members first before opening them up to everyone else and they can be shopped through the Member Portal.

Q: Why don't items in the member portal count toward free shipping?

A: The items listed in the member portal are either wholesale (see above) or Member Sales (see above) both of which do not generate profit so unfortunately we are not able to cover the shipping cost on those items.

Q: How does the store credit rebate work?

A: Each month we will calculate your total purchases, minus wholesale and member sales, and you will receive a store credit rebate equal to 3% of the total that you spent!

Q: What does Priority on Limited Products mean?

A: Sometimes we get products that are limited or are in high demand, we give members the first shot at these before opening them up to the wider customer base. If allocations are not sufficient for the number of member requests we will move to a lottery.

Q: How do I get the veteran's rebate?

A: Send an email to with something showing that you are a veteran (ID Card, paperwork, etc.) that has your name on it (Name must match the name on the membership account). The rebate will be processed in the form of a monthly $10 store credit rebate!

Q: What does Subscription auto order mean?

A: Sometimes there are people that want everything from a certain line of products. With this benefit all that you would need to do is let us know what you would like (for example: 1 of every Star Wars: Legion item released) and let us know how you would like to pay, store credit or invoice (If you choose store credit and don't have enough to cover the purchase we would invoice for the difference). Then we would automatically create the order and once the product is released we would ship them or have them ready for pickup based on your preferences.

This is not a guarantee of allocation, it is meant as a convenience for our loyal Partners to make sure that they get the product that they want. Subscription availability is subject to approval by the Executive Management team, some extremely limited lines will not be approved as subscriptions.

Q: What kind of things can I expect in a mystery box?

A: Each mystery box will contain curated products based on your preferences. They will each have a value of somewhere from $50-$125 MSRP. For example, if you selected Magic: The Gathering for your box you might receive a mystery box that has a playmat, a pack of dragon shield sleeves, a set of D10 Dice, 6 set packs, a collector pack, and some stickers or other swag. The actual contents will be curated month to month but this is an example of something that you might see!