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About Us

Gamers Guild AZ is a company based on a simple idea: creating a safe, inclusive, and fun gaming space for EVERYONE, but specifically (due to it frequently not being so) minorsLGBTQpersons of color, and women. We have a Code of Conduct in our stores that we expect everyone to follow, and we will strongly enforce it.

We believe that creating an ideal third space requires the following principles be upheld, and it is our commitment to do so for as long as we remain in business:

-Free Table use w. comfortable chairs
-Free Water (bottled/filtered)
-Free Gaming (a free library for all to use including a visually impaired braille library)
-No requirement to purchase
-No requirement to vacate/leave during business open hours in designated open play areas
-Enforce our Code of Conduct for everyone’s enjoyment/fun
-Provide opportunities for local businesses and charity to thrive

We believe that by upholding these principles, the communities that form around our locations will, in turn, choose to support our business vocally and financially (so that we can continue to provide all of this and more to everyone).

Our Vision is to constantly improve our services, offerings, and community support through constant internal and community feedback, while moving towards the stability to offer more new locations to a wider number of people. Ultimately, we would like to see a Gamers Guild in every city in North America, all united in their love of safe & fun gaming for all!

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for gaming! Cards, board games, role playing games, tabletop miniatures, hobby supplies, and so much more are in store for you. We're committed to pricing competitively with the online market. You don't have to choose between supporting your Friendly Local Game Store and getting the the price breaks that shopping online affords, we want you to have it all! Most items are priced 15% off MSRP every day!

Finding your new game is just a visit away!

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Visit one of our stores to get a tour and see all of the unique amenities that we have to offer to enhance your gaming experience. Within our in our huge play spaces you'll find sturdy tables, comfy chairs, and for those using miniatures a variety of terrain and playmat options. We boast a wide variety of both standard and imported snack options in the store, so try out one of our many unique flavors of chips!

For our online customers enjoy our large selection, competitive pricing, free shipping over $99, and guarantee that we will ship your item out within 24 hours!

We can't wait to share what we've built with you, and hope that you love it as much as we do.

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