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Guardian's Call

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Guardian's Call

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War is coming.
As the leader of your tribe, you must gather your strength and outwit your rivals. For when the dragon arrives, only one champion will be named Guardian of the Realm.
Guardian’s Call is a bluffing and deduction game for 2-5 players.
Each player takes the role of a renowned Guardian, a leader of one of the mighty clans. Each turn you will gather provisions from the center pool and then make an offer of aid to another player. That player will decide if they think your offer is sincere or if they think you are trying to deceive them. If they are correct in guessing, they gain all of the provisions that were offered. If they were incorrect, you gain the provisions. Each type of provision grants points in a different manner, and the more you collect, the greater their points value.

What’s in the Box
β€’ 1 Castle game board
β€’ 5 Guardian player boards
β€’ 20 Offer tokens
β€’ 120 Guardian game cards
β€’ 16 Quest cards
β€’ 20 Treasure cards
β€’ 70 Victory Point tokens
β€’ 40 Coin tokens
β€’ 45mm Starting Player token
β€’ 5 Player meeples

Guardian's Call

Guardian's Call

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