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Code Of Conduct

This is a safe place for EVERYONE, but specifically (due to it frequently not being) minors, LGBTQ, persons of color, and women.



Personal Hygiene - If your presence causes an issue for other customers at the discretion of The guild staff we may discuss with you steps that need to be taken to be able to continually enjoy our space and the community we foster

Abusive Language - We Have ZERO Tolerance for abusive language. Use of Abusive language will result in you being asked to leave and depending on the severity of the language you may no longer be welcome in the Guild. Excessive swearing will be pointed out by the staff, and may be termed abusive if not curbed to a more reasonable level

Bullying - Behavior that demeans, Is intended to hurt (physically or emotionally) another Person, or that is made at the expense of someone else will not be tolerated in any form and can result in a ban

Clothing - Please ensure your attire is appropriate for the event you are attending. Gamer's Guild is usually a family friendly environment, so please dress accordingly. Our 18+ events will allow for more risque dress, but street legal is still required at all times. Abusive words or images are never appropriate at our store or any of our events. What constitutes appropriate attire is at the sole discretion of Gamer's Guild staff

Drugs & Smoking/Vaping - We do not condone the use of illegal drugs on the premises. If you are discovered using them you will be asked to leave. We do not allow Smoking or Vaping in the common areas of the Guild. If you are discovered doing so you may be asked to leave

Weapons - No weapon is permitted on premise (concealed or open-carry) except at the sole written consent of the General Manager.

Solicitation - You may not solicit/sell goods, events, or services on premise without the written permission of the Managing Owner.


Communities can only grow when people feel safe to engage in their favorite hobbies and past times openly. If you witness something that is against the Guild Guidelines please find a staff member and report the incident to so that we may resolve any potential issue

Theft - is not tolerated at all ANYWHERE. Anyone caught stealing or verified/proven as having done so will be permanently banned from Gamers Guild and legal action will be taken/encouraged

Cheating - in ANY events will not be tolerated, Appropriate action will be taken to rectify the situation this can be up to and including being banned from the guild as well as being asked to leave an event forfeiting entry and any prize

Sportsmanship - The desire for someone to continue playing a game can be soured by players that berate their opponents after winning or losing a match. Demeaning, disrespectful comments, or actions before, during or after a game indicate poor sportsmanship and will not be tolerated.


Spirit of the Code

This code is designed to create a safe inclusive space for all to enjoy and have fun with the hobby of gaming. While you and others can mutually choose to discuss whatever you want on premise, should that discussion or behavior become uncomfortable, disruptive, or take away from the fun, you will be asked to leave and repetitive incidents may result in a ban.


How You Can Help

Referring customers to us, teaching a new player to play, and providing other players with a positive experience are the most valuable things any person can provide to our community.

We greatly appreciate your support in our efforts to make Gamers Guild and the communities we serve a safe, fun experience for all.

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