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Gamers Guild AZ Store Championship Series 2022


In 2022, Gamers Guild introduced its Store Championship Series!

Without further ado, introducing Gamers Guild Store Championship Series 2022!

Format - Rotational format for our monthly Store Championship Qualifiers will feature Modern, Sealed (with Top 8 draft), Standard, Pioneer, and any other formats that competitive MTG is holding for their PTQs. The Store Championship will be taking place after all qualifiers
are finished.

5 Series Qualifiers Remaining! Dates coordinated with Jeffrey M. and Gary W. on behalf of the MTG community in AZ
Date Saturday, April 29th - Format Limited March of the Machine ($50 Entry)
Date Saturday, May 27th - Format Modern ($30 Entry)
Date Saturday June 17th - Format Limited TBD ($50 Entry)
Date Saturday July 15th - Format Pioneer ($30 Entry)
Date Saturday September 30th - Format Limited TBD ($50 Entry)
Date Q4 2023/TBD - Store Championship - Format TBD

Prizing and point structure - The winner of our Store Championship will take home an Unlimited Black Lotus! In order to qualify for the GG Store Championship competitors must win a qualifier or earn points in our monthly qualifying tournaments to be one of our top points earners during the series. There will be 15 total qualifiers and 24 total competitors in the Championship Event. That means 15 winners and 9 top points earners will be competing for a Black Lotus! Players who are already qualified may still play in any qualification event. In the event that they win, the qualification will fall to the next person that hasn’t been qualified yet.

Points will be distributed as follows: 1st - Qualified, 2nd - 5pts, 3-4th - 4 points, 5-8th - 3pts, 9-16th - 2pts, 17th+ - 1pt. This means that you will earn points for playing in these events regardless of your final record on the day. That means that even if you don’t spike an event you can still earn a spot in the Championship with regular play!

Qualifier prizing - 100% store credit based on attendance. 75% to be paid out day of and 25% to be placed in the pool for the Store Championship (towards the cost of the Black Lotus w. any extra towards prize payout*).

Rules enforcement level will be competitive (no take backs, deck checks, judge, etc. - put your game face on). Deck lists required. Max capacity for our qualifiers will stand at 120 total competitors. 

8 participants (not including any already qualified person) MUST be present for the event to occur. If not enough players participate, the event will be fully refunded, and another scheduled until enough participants are present.

Judges from the Qualifiers are paid for out of the 75% buy-in. 2 judges for the Championship will be paid for out of any extra funds after paying $6,800 towards the Lotus)

*IF any $ exists after paying $6,800 towards the Lotus and the 2 judges, it will be paid out to 2nd-8th place at the Championship Event as follows: 2nd place = 50%, 3rd/4th place = 20% each, 5th-8th place = 2.5% each 
Pre Register for the events: here.

Pictures and Video of the Card and Proof of Purchase:


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