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Lorcana Gamers Guild AZ Season 1 League

Officially begins Friday August 18th at 12pm
First unofficial meetup on  Monday August 21st!

4 Week League

 Lorcana Logo

Table of Contents


Mickey Mouse from Lorcana

Entry Fee

4 Weeks - $100 per person OR $25 every week (totaling $100)



4 week Event where you will play, trade, compete, and complete achievements in the game of Lorcana! (If there are more than 108 interested players we will switch to a 4 week league with comparable prizing)

You will receive and keep 1 preconstructed deck, and 8 additional booster packs over the course of 4 weeks. All players will also receive an Exclusive GG Season 1 League T-Shirt near the end of the League (we hired a local young artist to design the shirt art)

This is a fantastic chance to make new friends, challenge old friends, and have casually competitive fun with flexible matches whenever you and at least 1 other participant are available in the store!

Play will be at any time during store open hours throughout the week.
A week is from Friday open to Thursday close (first week is Friday 18th through Thursday the 24th). 

We encourage you to use the Discord as a LFG tool and to play throughout the week, but if you are shy or need more structure, Monday nights will be the unofficial meetup, and the Fire Room has been reserved for quiet play for those with sensory needs, and additional accommodations will be provided as needed and as available.

**LEAGUE AMBASSADORS WILL ONLY BE IN STORE ON MONDAY EVENINGS, TO's will help out the rest of the time and will be trained on all of the League rules and requirements!

Lorcana products


EVERY PERSON GETS A PRIZE! Prizes are chosen in order/rank of highest League scores end of the League season. 

*Must participate actively in at least 1/2 of the League to be eligible for prizes!

List of Prizes

1st Place – Gencon Mickey Promo Card + hand painted Lorcana Season 1 League Trophy
Top 47 ranked end of League will get 1 Gift Set Box
Everyone else will get 1 Precon Starter Deck of their choice

1 playmat given out randomly every week to a League participant, stay tuned into Discord for that announcement*

*failure to claim prize within 1 week = forfeit it 


How To Play

For the Rest of the How to Play Series click HERE

League Format

Week 1 you’ll receive 1 preconstructed deck to register in your pool and will play 3 matches (consisting of best out of 3 games) against different week 1 opponents, WITHOUT the booster pack being opened yet.

At the end of the week, after submitting your 3 match slips to a TO, you will open your booster pack and register those cards on your pool sheet.

Beginning week 2 you will play with your new card pool against 3 other week 2 opponents and then receive 1 booster pack to open and register to your card pool.

You may also trade cards with other players (see Rules for more details)!

Weeks 3 and 4 will be the same as week 2, you play 3 matches with a same week opponent, get 1 booster pack to open and register to your pool, trade cards, and then move on to the next week.

You will earn League Points weekly in one of 3 ways that will total up at the end to determine your prizing; Playing Matches (4 points per match played), Winning Matches (2 point per winner), and Completing Achievements (up to 12 points per week)!




Any change will be announced on Discord, notified in person, and will be done in the best interest of everyone having fun and enjoying the League! If you feel there is a balance issue, please contact Aaron (Calranos on Discord)

You MAY play more than 3 matches per week, but only your first 3 matches count for scoring (and must be reported promptly)

YOU MAY NOT play the same players you have played ranked matches against in the last 2 weeks (to encourage variance and participation). Exceptions may be made by any TO with reasonable accommodation requests (such as children)

Players entire card pool is their sideboard, and it may be utilized at any time outside of an active game.

You MAY trade up to 4 commons, 2 uncommons, 1 rares, 1 Super Rare, and 1 Legendary per week to other players and the trade MUST be same rarity (rare for rare, common for common, etc.).

All standard / official Lorcana rules apply unless otherwise excepted in these Rules



You can request a match slip from a TO anytime during normal hours BEFORE you play a match with any player on the same week as you (same # of packs opened), even if that player has already played 3 matches to score points.

You may NOT score a match without getting a slip from a TO ahead of time (it needs to be clearly identified as a point match before the match begins).

When you turn in your match slip, do so together, and the TO will sign off on your Achievements that you both agree happened (you can vouch for each other, Honor System please or we will revoke this and require a TO to be called to sign off every time).

Trades must be reported to a TO and supervised as an update on your Registration sheet

Your Lorcana Folder with Pool Registration will be kept by the TO’s on premise and can be grabbed on request during normal operating hours.


Absence & Late Arrival

If a player is not present for a League Week, they will receive Tie Points for the entire week (0.5 points per match) that week and may register their booster pack/s on their return. Late Arrivals will receive the # of packs equivalent to the current participants and must register their full allocation of product immediately PRIOR to paying (they must pay either the full entry fee or $25 per 2 weeks up to the current week at time of entry).

Scores will be updated weekly and posted in DISCORD in a special League channel along with all important announcements AND on the website.


Elsa from Lorcana



All achievements are worth 3 points unless otherwise stated

** Achievements are eligible to DOUBLE their points if you record and post it on social media and tag Gamers Guild AZ, Lorcana, and Ravensburg! Video submissions Strongly preferred! 

Edit: Bounding is 4 points **

Top achievements


Bring your favorite Disney toy/plushie on a Monday night

Win a game with a deck with only commons/uncommons

Win a match with a deck with only commons/uncommons

Banish 5 characters in 1 turn

Quest with 5 or more characters in 1 turn

Gain 20 Lore in 1 turn

Have 10 or more Ink in play

Have 3 of one card on the table at one time

Control 2 Characters or Items with first letter of first card being “G” (for GG)

Acquire 10 or more Lore than was required to win

Control two or more characters who’s total strength is exactly 21

Have no cards in hand at the start of your turn

Banish an Item

Have the same named character enter the field from your hand or Discard 5 times in one game

Win a game with less characters on the field than your opponent

Win the game with 4 or more Items in play at the same time

Play 3 Items in one turn

Have a character Exert and Ready in the same turn

Have a character Exert and Ready TWICE in the same turn

Have at least 10 characters on the field at the same time under your control

Control at least 3 1/1 characters at the same time

Play 5 cards in 1 turn

Have 4 characters in your discard with different Ink costs

Win a game with 3 less Ink than your opponent

Win the game with no cards in hand

Play a Fire The Cannons! to banish Peter Pan - Never Landing

Win a game with a preconstructed deck (no cards added or removed)

Quest 10+ with one source (Hades card)

Quest and support with at least 2 Support characters

Banish a Character with Ward

Banish a Villain with Strength 6+ with a Prince

Banish a Dragon with a Prince

Give a character 6 or more strength above it’s default

Challenge a character with Evasive

Have 3 or more Reckless characters in play

Challenge the same turn a character comes into

Win a game with only 1 Ink color in your deck (steel IS an Ink color)

Have 4 Bodyguards in play

Have 5 different villain characters in play at the same time

Have 5 un-inkable cards in your starting hand (show your opponent)

Shift for 6 or more




Q: How do I buy Lorcana?

A: At this time, we are not guaranteeing the ability to buy any Lorcana. If we have any extra, it will be lottery sold at MSRP to Members. NOTE Members who signed up after Friday 7/14 are NOT eligible for Lorcana perks.

Q: Will there be a specific weekly time to play Lorcana?

A: We want Lorcana to be as approachable and flexible as possible for the most number of people. For this reason, you can play Lorcana anytime and use the @ LFG or Looking For Group function in #⁠lorcana on the Discord to plan matches before you drive to the store.
We ARE loosely calling Monday nights a Lorcana meetup night (sensory room reservation, encouraged night for kids, etc.) but that is NOT required or even encouraged unless you specifically want that for structure (sensory issues, kids, too shy for LFG, etc.) as space is limited due to our other OP.

Q: Are sign ups going to be in-store only, starting LGS launch day?

A: TBD but they'll be in store only sometime in August. Members will be able to sign up remotely ahead of time as a perk and they know that and their discounting already.
$25 or $100 will be required at time of sign-up ($25 every 2 weeks, or $100 total for the entry, it's the same price, just some people need the $25 spread out to make it budgetable)

Q: Can I buy sleeves/deckboxes/dice for Lorcana?

A: Everything is allocated very strictly. Not at this time. We're looking forward to more waves and access to more product. Stay tuned to Discord for the latest announcements!

Q: Are kids welcome?

A: Absolutely! Our first event will be Monday, September 4th and we encourage parents to bring their kids then and consider exchanging information if they want to schedule flexible meetups for their kids at times that work best for them. As usual, kids must be supervised by a parent and our Code of Conduct applies to them like anyone else.

Q: Will there be a quiet area for sensory issues?

A: We are reserving the fire room on Monday evenings for people who need a quiet environment to play.

Q: Will there still be loaner decks to try the game for casual play?

A: Yes, we will have a minimum of 2 decks to loan out for casual play. They will be defaced with a GG stamp to reduce theft concerns.

Q: What is the maximum # of League participants

A: we are currently considering how to do this (4 or 8 week League), but for sure 108-224 participants will be enabled by the League OP

Q: Can Achievements be done more than once?

A: Not unless they're marked otherwise or at the discretion of TO's/Ambassadors as needed.



Lorcana Character Art