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Gamers Guild Warhammer 40k Slow Grow League

Welcome to the Gamers Guild Warhammer 40k Slow Grow League! During this 8 week league players will build, paint, and play Warhammer 40k at Gamers Guild. The league is designed for players looking to learn the game through playing or players wishing to build up a new army from scratch. Players will be rewarded for playing games, painting models, interacting with fellow league members and more. If you are looking to advance your hobby, play epic games, or just meet new faces - this league is for you!

Sign Up

All players must sign up, in person, at Gamers Guild. The price of entry to the league is $20 and may be done at any time form March 28th - April 16th. We will be having a kickoff Party for the league on Sunday April 3rd from 12PM - 1PM. Your first matchups will be available then!

Playing Games

The league will last 8 weeks and every 2 weeks will refresh its achievements. Players will begin the league with a minimum of 500 points of assembled Warhammer 40k models to participate in games. The minimum point value for games will escalate every 2 weeks and create a new play period. The schedule for minimum points values and the accompanying play period is as follows -

  • 500 Points / April 3rd - 16th
  • 1000 Points / April 17th - 30th
  • 1500 Points / May 1st - 14th
  • 2000 Points / May 15th - 28th

Each participant will have 2 paired matches per play period, these matches will be your chance to gain points and achievements for Game Play during each Play Period. There will also be opportunities for additional points for hidden achievements that will be announced throughout the league 

All games will use the matched play rules for the appropriate sized game.

  • 500 Points - Combat Patrol Missions
  • 1000 Points - Incursion Missions
  • 1500 Points - Strike Force Missions
  • 2000 Points - Onslaught Missions

Match Submission

After completing your game, BOTH PLAYERS must submit the game statistics using our League Game Form (Available at the register). Fill out the form and return it to a Gamers Guild AZ staff member. Points and standings will be updated on the website and in the Discord Channel on Tuesdays and Fridays.


During each game and each play period, players will have the opportunity to earn league points through achievements. Achievements are broken down into 2 categories:

  • Strategic Goals
  • Activity Track

Strategic Goals are in game accomplishments that players can perform during league matches to achieve league points. Count these points each game and submit the completed achievements. The five League Strategic Goals are:

  • The Head of the Snake - Kill the enemy WARLORD
  • Seize Ground - Control 3 objectives at the end of your turn
  • Shields Up! - Re-roll a failed armor or invulnerable save into a success
  • Capture the Flag - Begin your COMMAND PHASE with a troops choice in your opponents deployment zone
  • Leave No Survivors - End the game with no enemy units still in play.

The Activity Track shows out-of-game work such as hobby progress and social interaction. Count these points each play period and submit the completed achievements at least once during the period. The four items in the League Activity Track are:

  • Master Artificer - Convert a unique model or create a unique base (Redeemable up to once per play period)
  • New Recruits - Build 200 points of models (Redeemable up to once per play period)
  • Budding Artist - Complete painting of one unit, vehicle, monster or character (Redeemable up to once per play period)
  • Blinged Out - Play a match with all of your units painted (Redeemable up to once per match)
  • Comrades In Arms - Come work on building/ painting/ basing in store. Could be on one of our designated hobby days or on any other day! (Redeemable up to once per week)

Submit a photo of your achievements in the Discord Channel for the League and check in with a member of staff to track your achievements!

The submission form data will calculate league points using the following formula:

  • One point per win
  • One point per Strategic Goals Accomplishments
  • Four points per Activity Track Accomplishments

League Completion

The league concludes on May 29th with an Apocalypse Game for league members. We will tally up the results and reveal our League Guild Champions on that day! Our League Guild Champions categories are:

  • Best General - Most match victories
  • Master Strategist - Most Strategic Goals Accomplishments
  • Expert Craftsman - Most Activity Track Accomplishments
  • Ooooohhhh Shiny - Highest voted army for aesthetics
  • Great Gamer - Best person to play against (sportsmanship)


For joining the league you will get a Gamers Guild Combat Gauge, 3 limited edition objective markers and 2 Gamers Guild D6 Dice. Each Guild Champion will also receive a themed prize.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the hidden achievements?
A: Those are a secret and will be announced in the Discord Channel as they are revealed.

Q: Do I gain Activity Track points more than once?
A: Yes, you gain them each play period. Make sure to submit a photo of your work at least once each period of new progress.

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