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About Wholesale & FAQ


Welcome to the Gamers Guild AZ Wholesale Information Page!

Some of you may know us already, but if you are ordering from us for the first time we are Gamers Guild AZ, a Retail Brick & Mortar and Online Retail Store and we believe we can bring a lot of innovation to how product is bought and sold on a national scale!


In 2022, our allocations and funding reached a high enough level that we decided that we could fulfill and appeal to a much wider audience with sealed CCG product and offer more competitive options to customer than are currently available in the marketplace! With that mission in mind we launched a Patreon for Wholesale CCG products! Here is the launch video featuring 2 of the owners of the company:


The last year has been an amazing journey with this program! It has grown so much that we are now looking to expand this program as much as we can, including adding other product lines, not just CCGs! We are moving everything to our main website platform to offer even more benefits to our Members by saving time and costs by streamlining our processes!



In 2022 it was highly publicized that one of the only other companies in this space broke with their general mission statement and utilized the hype and low supply of Double Masters 2022 to extract a MUCH higher price than expected from their customers based on their prior product offerings.

Our plan is simple; to provide same/similar services with real integrity and transparency, with easier to utilize ordering systems and modern technology! Check out our FAQ for more of a breakdown on specifics!



We will never push specialty products to you at full market price. We will always give you access to product at the lowest possible pricing that we can, even when prices change, or product availability shortens up (driving prices up).



Sign up for Membership today! We recommend the Member level ($50/mo) for most gamers, and the Partner level ($150/mo) for those looking for a truly premium experience.



Below we have some examples of the products in a standard MTG release including our costs associated with getting them to you, and the price we would then charge. We believe in transparently sharing these because we're trying to build a relationship with a broad community in North America.


Most of our Patrons pay for an entire YEAR of subscription fees with the savings in their first MONTH of purchases.



Sign up- You sign up for a Membership with your information, and an account is created for you to login with.

You immediately gain access to HUNDREDS of available CCG products and more! You will also gain access to "OPEN ORDER" products these will sometimes be things that we have on hand and sometimes they are things that we are able to order through our distribution partners. If we have to order them in they will have 2-6 weeks lead times.



- 1-4 weeks before we need to submit our final #'s to distribution for allocation (sometimes 2-6 months in advance), we will open product up for our Members to purchase. And we will make announcements on the Member Communications page (Make sure to subscribe)

- Log-in to your account on our website and purchase whatever you wish, with custom shipping costs (or local pickup) and then pay.

- We place our orders with all distributors in North America, and when the product arrives, we ship it to you same or next day (we're VERY fast on our end). It's truly that simple!



We do have limits set for New Release CCG products, in the interest of making sure that all of our Members are able to get access to new releases we have established the following limits:

Standard Tag (This will be most normal CCG releases) - 2 cases

Specialty Tag (Collector boxes and some select other releases) - 2 boxes

Ultra Tag (This is super limited stuff, there will be times that these end up going to a lottery) - 1 box

Casual Tag (normally used for Pokemon ETBs and Bundles) - 5 units




Gamers Guild AZ Wholesale FAQ


What is the shipping time for NON pre-orders?

·         2-6 weeks lead time (we have to order what you bought from distribution, then ship it to you. We sometimes have the product on hand and fulfill it much faster, but that is NOT the expectation)


Are the product prices the same for both Member and Partner?

·         Yes. The price per box on CCGs is calculated for a $0.00 cost markup to us (we add 3.5% + $0.30 merchant processing fee (paypal/CC/etc.), $0.75-0.95 for packing materials (the box and paper to ship to you), and $0.75 - $1.50 for processing labor (to physically repack your product and send it to you). This spits out a static price on everything we sell wholesale, and we get $0.00 leftover. You pay the shipping.


How do we order product that isn't pre-order?

·         At the beginning of every month (usually by the 3rd), we will update our OPEN ORDER items to the wholesale part of the site and people can shop it. This product is often backstock (no one wanted it, so there’s extra).

·         We recommend ordering quickly, as there is no guarantee the distributor will still have it and we can’t update the site daily. So putting your orders in fairly quickly reduces the chances of that being a problem.

·         We place orders once a week with distributors (usually on Wednesdays) for OPEN ORDER items so get your orders in before then to make sure that you get your product!


Am I guaranteed my pre-order?

·         As close to guaranteed as is possible. Barring some kind of severe allocation reduction from the distributor (if this occurs, we will prove that it wasn’t us by showing the communications). 99% of the time this does not happen (our orders go in so early to prevent this).


When are pre-orders due?

·         Pre-orders are due when the distributor puts their order in with the manufacturer/controlling company (like WoTC for MTG). Japanese (Bandai) Games require this VERY early (often 6 months ahead of time).


Why are pre-orders due so early?

·         This helps guarantee your order as we’re volume order piggy-backing onto the Distributors order directly to the manufacturer/controlling company (usually before printing). This helps to ensure that we get as much as you all want!

·         Another important point is that one of the benefits we get as a company for running the Wholesale is that we don’t have to tie up our $ for a lengthy period of time, we use yours up front. (CCG’s can be volatile, and this reduces our risks which we like).


Why do you have products for sale at full price that aren't available at Wholesale?

·         We are looking to expand the wholesale model as much as we can but there are some limitations due to distributor or publisher agreements and we need to be conscientious of our stability as a company. As more people join the membership we will continue to grow what products are available at wholesale!


Are there Open Order Tag limits?

·         No, but they are first come, first served so make sure that you are keeping an eye on the Member Communications (don't forget to subscribe!) page for the announcement that the open orders have been listed!


If an Open Order Tag order is cancelled, how will it refund and when?

·         Once we submit your order to the Distributor they will sometimes reply that a certain product is no longer available, if this is the case we will either email you with options (if it’s partial), or fully cancel and refund (within 1-3 days). Once we process the refund, it’s usually 1-3 days from the merchant side to return your funds.

·         TL;DR It goes back to your payment method, generally within 1-2 weeks from the time you placed the order.


Is it okay to combine pre-orders to save on shipping?

·         NO! Do not do this unless you don’t want your pre-orders on launch day. Whatever you put into the cart and check-out, WILL hold until we have EVERYTHING you put into that specific cart.

·         So if you want pre-orders on launch day, and other product ASAP, etc. you should split your orders how you want them processed (at your cost on shipping or selection of pickup).  


What does Order Due and Street Date mean?

·         Order Due is when you have to pay us (we close pre-orders and it’s no longer available to pre-order at the wholesale price)

·         Street Date is when the product is scheduled to be released to the public for sale


When will my pre-order arrive?

·         Your pre-order will arrive on or as close to the launch date as is possible. Please note; we cannot guarantee there will not be delays (issues happen outside of our control), but we WILL keep you informed as issues arise.


What do I do if I want more product than the limits allow?

·         Reach out to us, there are some situations where we may be able to offer more than the normal limits. These asks will be much more successful if you are trying to get more of a standard product than the limit allows, it is very unlikely that we will be able to accommodate requests for increased amounts of Specialty or Ultra tag items.


How you can help?

Spread the word! We need to get a LOT of people in here for this to work right/long term.

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